July 10/11 Youth Team Registration

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(7th grade is full- you're welcome to play up in 8th!)

Our 7 on 7 tournament is not one to be missed! This tournament is fun, competitive, fast-paced and one you will never forget. Throw-down with your squad and experience it for yourself.

Each team will play 3 seeding games Friday. Saturday is bracket play. Rocky Mountain 7v7 is double elimination, If you're winning, especially through the lower bracket, you can play 8-10 games depending on exact bracket size. Each team will have games on both Friday and Saturday. There is a winner in each age group. Winner will receive a championship trophy, championship t-shirts and of course bragging rights. 

Last tournament we had 10-15 teams per bracket and 10 fields, but we sold out and had to turn teams away. We have secured a couple more fields, but we still anticipate it will sell out, so don't wait too long!


A waiver is required from each player on the team. Previously we did paper waivers, which is hard to manage for 600+ players. This year we've moved to online waivers. We won't be accepting paper waivers. 

*When you register, register in the grade the players just completed.  If you have a mix of, for example, 5th and 6th graders, you'll register in the higher of the 2, so in the 6th grade bracket.