March 4th - 1v1 Tournament - WR v CB

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We're so excited to add a 1v1 tournament this year. $500 cash prize for winner*. 
This format is different than our 7's as it's individual registration rather than team. Not only will it be a great way to get work in as a receiver and/or corner, but it's going to be a blast to watch! Come get some work in, think you are lock down? Come prove it. Think you can catch on any DB? Show us. Just want some work. We love it. 

You can register for either Receiver or Corner, or both. 
You will get a wristband at checkin for either or both. 

Players will receive a wristband (or wristbands if they're registered for both receiver and corner). After several warm up rounds- we will begin elimination rounds and taking wristbands until we are left with last man standing. (If you register for both - and are eliminated as receiver, you will still be in the competition as a corner until you progress or are eliminated there)

FREE PICS AND FILM to participants after the tournament. 

We have 3 divisions for this one. 

  • 14U
  • 18U (no seniors)
  • 18+


*$500 cash prize is based off of full registration. 1/2 of registration fees go to the prize pot. Full registration provides a $500 cash prize. Should registration not fill in a division. Prize will still be paid at 1/2 of all registrations in that division. We do anticipate filling to capacity. Registrations are coming in daily in every division.