Rocky Mountain 7 on 7 Throwdown

June tournament was awesome! Some amazing matchups and the competition out there has never been better!  We are looking forward to matching that in July. We will continue our safety procedures to ensure we're doing everything to make these tournaments safe and fun for everyone participating/attending, including daily temp checks, sanitizing stations, more open space, etc.

Youth Dates: (Just finished grades 5-9)
June 19/20
& July 10/11

High School Tournament : (JV/Varsity/Lineman)

June 26/27

Throw down with the best- at one of the largest 7 on 7 tournaments of it's kind in the western United States, and for the best price! Put your teams skills to the test. Our 7-on-7 passing tournament is fun 2-day DOUBLE-ELIMINATION tournament. It's competitive, non-contact football. It is all passing, played on a 40-yard field plus end zone, and allows scoring both on the offense and defense. This is ideal for football players looking to sharpen their skills on both the offensive and defensive side of the ball. In addition to skill development, players learn the structure of offenses and defenses, and the recognition of different offensive and defensive schemes. 

You'll play against teams from all over, teams you don't face during the season and see how you stack up. We bring the best competition from not only all corners of Utah, but surrounding states. You get the most games, and for the best value. You can't go wrong.

We are well-established, and we pride ourselves on putting on a organized tournament, year after year. We grow significantly every tournament and even as we add field space, we inevitably fill up and have to cut off registration and turn teams away. We are always trying to meet the demand. Don't wait too long!


We implemented safety procedures as recommended for events in the "yellow" phase per the Health Department. We've done all we can to ensure we're doing everything to make these tournaments safe and fun for everyone participating/attending. We will take player temps daily, have safe concessions, tournament app to keep schedule to avoid gathering around brackets schedule,  several sanitizing stations, not shaking hands, or sharing balls, spreading out fields, etc. 


The reasons for competing in 7 on 7 leagues and tournaments are many. It sharpens the receiving and quarterbacking skills of the offensive players. It is a great way for defensive players to get much-needed pass coverage experience. It's the perfect off-season way to focus on techniques that will better develop every athlete.

Great tournament! Well organized and a lot of great competition from around the state of Utah and outside the state as well! Easily the best 7 on 7 opportunity in the SL valley and a fun way to work on the passing game in the off-season!


Rocky Mountain 7 on 7 is one of the best tournaments all around that I've coached in. Great overall competition, good reffing and amazing format! If you want competition, easy transition between games and a great experience, this is THE tournament to join! 

Coach Rowan

YOUTH Tournament Location

Galena Park
12500 S 550 W,
Draper, UT 84020


If you've played before... welcome back and if you're new to 7 on 7, this tournament will not disappoint!

Rocky Mountain 7 on 7 is Utah's premier and most established tournament in Utah and surrounding states. If you only do one tournament this year, this should be it!


This tournament is not put on by a specific conference, so the competition is very diverse. You will play teams you haven't played before and aren't accustomed to facing during regular season play.


There is no better way to test your team then at the most competitive tournament offered. 


We offer more; more value, more games, more competition. You play a TON of games. There is a reason that teams keep coming back every year!


West Jordan, UT 84088