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Q: What about Coronavirus?
A: We completed a plan from the Health Department to hold events in the yellow phase, we have precautions in place like- daily temp and symptom checks, more open space, sanitizing stations, asking only immediate family attend to limit crowd, no lingering on sideline, not shaking hands, or sharing balls, etc. 

Q: How does elimination work? 
A: Tournament is double elimination during bracket play

Q: Where is tournament located?
A: Tournament is at Galena Park in Draper. 

Q: How do we register, is it team or individual?
A: The registration fee on our website is a team registration fee. Each player will also need a parent/guardian register and e-sign a player waiver on our tournament app- Team Snap Tournaments. Each coach will receive this link upon registration. This is free until March 1, and just $2 per player after that. This stores the required waiver for us and will make checkin at the tournament very easy. We are not doing paper waivers this year.

Q: How do I access the tournament App? 
A: Download "TeamSnap Tournaments" from your app store. Create a login or you can use an existing regular "TeamSnap" login, search for Rocky Mountain 7 on 7 and follow/favorite it. From there you can select your division and the team you want to follow. That will populate their schedule. You can view bracket progression, field map and other info from there. 

Q: Do you have hotels for traveling teams
A: Yes, we have hotel blocks we can provide the information for the negotiated rates for those traveling.

Q: If our team is playing both tournaments, do we need to fill out a waiver for both?
A: No, when filling out the waiver, select that you're participating in both, and you will only need to do it once.

Q: Are there restrooms at the field? 
A: Yes, there are both porta potties, north side of parking lot and indoor bathrooms (located at the baseball field)

Q: How many divisions do you have? 
A: We have 5 divisions, 5th-9th grade.

Q: Do we play teams outside of our age group? 
A: No, you only play teams in your age division. 

Q: Do I register my team in their current grade or next year grade? 
A: You register your team in their CURRENT grade. This year because the tournaments were postponed and some teams registered months ago, and some are just now registering. For now, you register in grade just completed.

Q: Can you play up? 
A: Yes, you can play up, but not down. For instance if you have a team that is a mix of players currently in 5th and 6th grade, you would have to register in the 6th grade division. 

Q: Does the center need a waiver if he's only snapping ball?
A: Yes, if they're on the field we'd like to have them sign a waiver and have a wristband. 

Q: How many games do you get? 
A: There are 2 seeding games on Friday night, and then we do call-outs where players can get an additional game. Saturday the tournament is double elimination. Most of our brackets are 20+ game brackets, it just depends on how far you go. 

Q: How many fields do you have?
A: Last tournament we had 10 fields running. This tournament we have acquired room for a couple additional fields to accommodate more teams. 

Q: What if we have to cancel
A: If something comes up, you can cancel with full refund up to 2 weeks before the tournament, if you cancel 1-2 weeks prior to tournament, there will be a $50 cancellation fee, and the remaining will be refunded right. If you cancel the week of the tournament, after schedule released, there are no refunds. (In certain situations we can work with you, or do a full credit, or make an exception, just keep us in the loop)

Q: How many teams are coming? 
A: Our last tournament we had just over 60 teams from all over Utah and surrounding states. We had to turn away 15+ teams as we filled up. This year we have acquired some additional field space, so we can take some more teams, but we still anticipate filling as we have several new teams who have contacted us that plan to play, both in and out of state. 

Q: Is tournament rain or shine? 
Yes, we will play in rain. If it's lightning, hail, or a complete downpour, we will rain delay for 20-30 minutes. *If on Friday we rain delay twice and a 3rd time comes up we will consider finishing seeding early Saturday. If Saturday we rain delay 3 times, we will start playing games using overtime rules until we have a winner in each bracket. This has never happened, but we have a plan in place to complete the tournament should it become an issue.