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Q: How does elimination work? 
A: Tournament is 3 seeding games and double elimination during bracket play. 

Q: Where is tournament located?
A: Youth tournaments are at Galena Park in Draper. 

Q: How many teams are in a bracket usually?
A: For the youth brackets can only accommodate 14-16 teams per bracket. For High School, we can take 20 teams.

Q: How do we register, is it team or individual?
A: The registration fee on our website is a team registration fee. Each player will also need a parent/guardian to complete the required Athlete Age Verification Card, which verify's the players age. Each coach will receive this link to send to players after registration. The player card is $8, $10 if late.

Q: How do I access the tournament App? 
A: TeamSnap Tournaments. It'll be available as we get closer.

Q: Do you have hotels for traveling teams
A: Yes, we have hotel blocks we can provide the information for the negotiated rates for those traveling.

Q: Can a player play double roster?
A: Players are only allowed on one roster in a division. For instance a 13 year old player can play in the 13u and 14u bracket, but not on 2 teams within the 13u bracket. They need to be on both rosters going into the tournament. Also* Players are also not allowed to absorb into other teams as their team is eliminated. If we do a roster check and a team is playing a player that is not on their roster they will be eliminated.

For example a 6th grade/12u player can also be on a roster in 7th/14u. If you have a club with several teams in different brackets attending, there can be floating of players up a bracket. You’ll need to add these players to both rosters and they’ll need a wristband for each division. Wristbands differ for each division and refs will be checking wristbands, so they will need to checkin for any division they play in.

Q: Are there restrooms at the field? 
A: Yes, there are both porta potties, north side of parking lot and indoor bathrooms (located at the baseball field)

Q: How many divisions do you have? 
A: We have 7 divisions, 4th-High School

Q: Do we play teams outside of our age group? 
A: No, you only play teams in your age division. We don't combine brackets.

Q: Do I register my team in their current grade or next year grade? 
A: Youth tournaments are held during school year. You register your team in their CURRENT grade.

Q: Can you play up? 
A: Yes, you can play up, but not down. For instance if you have a team that is a mix of players currently in 5th and 6th grade, you would have to register in the 6th grade division. 

Q: What time is the tournament? 
A: This is a full 2-day tournament. We can start as early as noon on Friday and finishing between before 10pm, then Saturday we'll start at 8:00 am, with the number of teams and divisions, championships will happen, depending on division, between 1 and 5 pm.

Q: Z downs- 
A: Because the allowance of Z downs has become a big issue for teams, (in case the Z down is a baller winning the games), and because some out of state teams don't have a Z down rule in their conferences. Those teams felt it was an uneven playing field when they didn't have Z down allowance and others did- we are not allowing Z downs, no exceptions

Q: Does the center need a waiver if he's only snapping ball?
A: Yes, if they're on the field we'd like to have their parents to sign the consent to be on field/waiver and have a wristband. 

Q: How many games do you get? 
A: There are 3 seeding games on Friday, Saturday the tournament is double elimination. Most of our brackets are 20+ game brackets, it just depends on how far you go. Playing through the lower bracket to the championship is a long battle! You're guaranteed 5 games, but of course the further you go, the more games you play. 

Q: Entrance 
A: We've avoided a gate fee for as long as possible. As with everything else our costs to put on the tournament have increased substantially over the passed 5 years. It costs us more than double what what we were paying a few years ago. We are implementing an entrance fee this year. There is a $12 per day or $20 for weekend entrance fee for attendees. 5 year and under, and 65 years and over are free. 

Q: What if we have to cancel
A: If something comes up, you can cancel with full refund, less $50 up to 3 weeks before the tournament. if you cancel within 2-3 weeks prior to tournament, there will be a $100 cancellation fee, and the remaining will be refunded. If you cancel the week of the tournament, after schedule released, there are no refunds. (In certain situations we can work with you, or do a credit, etc, just keep us in the loop).

Q: How many teams are coming? 
A: 100+ teams from all over Utah as well as many from surrounding states. 

Q: What if a ref misses an obvious call 
A: It happens at every level (NFL on down). We can probably guarantee it'll happen at the tournament. Ref's are human, and imperfect. Arguing will not change the call. It will also not stop the clock. Rocky Mountain staff won't reverse a ref's call. Film cannot be reviewed to reverse a call. The only time Rocky Mountain staff will give input to an on-field situation is if there is a question to the rule. We will not discuss or overturn a ref's judgment call. (Judgement calls like: If ref calls a guy out, or says incomplete, if he says it's a first down, any of those are his judgment call in real time and won't be discussed or overturned). Please just have some understanding and move on to the next play.  

Q: Is tournament rain or shine? 
Yes, we will play in rain. If it's lightning, hail, or a complete downpour, we will rain delay for 20-30 minutes. *If on Friday we rain delay twice and a 3rd time comes up we will consider finishing seeding early Saturday. If Saturday we rain delay 3 times, we will start playing games using overtime rules until we have a winner in each bracket. This has never happened, but we have a plan in place to complete the tournament should it become an issue. 

Q: Age verification is required for all players. 

Player must be in the current 4th grade or lower or be 10 years old or younger on tournament date.
Player must be in the current 5th grade or lower or be 11 years old or younger on tournament date.
Player must be in the current 6th grade or lower or be 12 years old or younger on tournament date..
Player must be in the current 7th grade or lower or be 13 years old or younger on tournament date..
Player must be in the current 8th grade or lower or be 14 years old or younger on tournament date..
Player must be in the current 9th grade or lower or be 15 years old or younger on tournament date..
No seniors

A NOTE ON SPORTSMANSHIP- This tournament is extremely competitive, emotions run high. We get it. Everyone wants to win, that's why you're there. We understand. Coaches, If you lose, please encourage your team and sideline to lose graciously. If you win, coaches, we expect the same.  Please be respectful to ref's and encourage the same of your team and sideline. To sum it up, jut be cool. That's how we roll. We can't allow fighting, if there is fighting, we'll have to remove those parties.